TômTex Series WS —

TômTex Series WS is a revolutionary non-woven bio-fabric that is biodegradable and has complete aesthetic versatility. It's petrochemical-free, plastic-free, and 100% naturally biodegradable. And it’s star ingredient: shell seafood waste.

Like all other TômTex material, TômTex Series WS was created to offer designers a completely customizable textile that does not harm the planet.

At TômTex, we are working to challenge the status quo of our petroleum defined textile industry by introducing novel materials that engage circularity in a genuine way. We are working at the intersection of design, chemistry, and biology to create a material that is as luxurious as it is regenerative.

it’s star ingredient

Shell seafood waste

Where does TômTex Series WS come from?

TômTex’s cornerstone ingredient is chitosan, the second most abundant biopolymer on earth. And, for TômTex series WS, our source of chitosan is shell seafood waste.

Worldwide, around 10 million tons of seafood is wasted every year. Currently, countries make minimal effort to give that food waste new life; instead, food waste usually ends up in landfills, packed too tightly to degrade.

TômTex looked to its Vietnamese roots and realized that seafood waste is a high potential waste source. Vietnam has a deep relationship with the ocean and marine life, sustaining the Vietnamese people for millennia. This means that seafood waste will continue to be produced. TômTex gives this food waste new life by extracting chitosan to use in TômTex Series WS.

TômTex also believes deeply in transparency across our supply chain. We work closely with chitosan producers in Vietnam, not only observing their processes, but following the food waste all the way up the chain to when the shrimp are first farmed. Looking towards the future, TômTex is committed to working with our suppliers not only to create TômTex materials but to support their own development for a more circular supply chain.

Where have you seen TômTex Series WS?

TômTex debuted at New York Fashion Week through runway collaborations with Peter Do and Di Petsa where TômTex Series WS was shown on two looks. These looks offered the look and feel of leather while being constructed of shell seafood waste. Peter Do, Di Petsa, and TômTex were responding to decades of material innovation that has centered on petrochemicals to instead focus on materials that cause less harm to humans and to the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Series WS and M exhibit variations in performance based on their sources?
Regardless of their sources, the performance characteristics of both series materials remain identical.
What is the difference between Series WS and M?
Series WS and Series M differ in one key way: their source waste. Series WS is derived from seafood waste, in which chitosan is extracted from the exoskeleton of the seafood. Series M is derived from timber waste that is used to farm mushrooms, which offer their own source of chitosan. This means that TômTex can offer a plant-based option with Series M. Despite their differences, both series of TômTex's material offer the same aesthetic flexibility and environmental friendliness.
What’s the advantage?
TômTex was created to address the need for exceptional materials without harming the planet. We offer designers creative freedom with fewer material constraints on size, pattern aesthetic, and scaling. And, our textile can suit the needs of nearly any industry. TômTex helps minimize environmental impacts with our transparent practices: our tanning-free process, our focus on organic dyeing practices, our recyclability, and our 100% biodegradability. We are fascinated by how nature recycles all its materials, and we work in collaboration with organic materials to develop a regenerative textile that does not make designers choose between aesthetics and the environment.
How does TômTex material perform?
TômTex is highly customizable across size, pattern aesthetic, scaling, and performance characteristics. TômTex can look like leather, suede, vinyl, latex and many more, with attention paid to wearability and durability. To see TômTex material in action, check out our "Where you’ve seen TômTex" section on our website.
Does TômTex material contain plastic or petrochemicals?
No, TômTex never contains plastic, petrochemicals, or toxins commonly found in plastic-derived materials like polyester, vinyl, and nylon for example. TômTex is based on the idea that the materials that make our life should not exist at the expense of the environment. TômTex materials are made with bio-based materials that result in a product that is biodegradable and completely customizable.
What is TômTex material?
TômTex is a revolutionary non-woven biofabric that uses waste streams to create exceptional materials that can be customized for any one and any need. We invest in circularity through our nature-driven design and our attention to responsibly sourcing our ingredients from manufacturers that respect communities and the planet. TômTex currently offers TômTex Series WS and M which are both 100% naturally biodegradable and have no plastic, no tanning, no toxins, and no petrochemicals.